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The Miracle Theatre Group offers you an experience unlike anything else around. See one show, and you’ll have crossed the border to another culture; see a whole season, and you’ll have traveled the globe. Where else can you see live performances of a play by Federico García Lorca in Spanish with English supertitles? Or observe Portland’s longest-running (and bilingual) Day of the Dead celebration? From Afro-Cuban dance theatre to Argentine novelas, from Golden Age classics to world premieres of new work, you’ll find that performances at El Centro Milagro are always vivacious and visually stunning. We believe in experimentation informed by tradition; thinking creatively and acting collaboratively; being irreverent but never irrelevant. We entertain; we give you pause to think, feel and imagine; and, through the cultural lens of latinidad, we embrace the full spectrum of humanity.

What does a miracle look like?
Sometimes a miracle doesn’t look like a miracle at all. Sometimes it just looks like people doing what they love. So it was with José Eduardo González and Dañel Malán. Passionate about live drama, José and Dañel laid the foundation for Portland’s Miracle Theatre Group in 1985. True to its name, a phenomenon was born. Through the years, the Miracle has gained a formidable reputation for bold, compelling shows. Audiences and critical acclaim flourished. Miracle Theatre Group has become a hub of Latino expression, branching out into a touring theatre group (Teatro Milagro), and a cultural and arts-education company (Bellas Artes). Today, the Miracle Theatre Group’s reach extends across the city, and across the continent. Its home, El Centro Milagro in southeast Portland, is an oasis of Latino culture—stage, studio, classroom and community center. As it always has, the Miracle captivates, engages, inspires. Its signature works celebrate the vibrancy of the Latinoaesthetic and the power of the human experience.

What does a miracle feel like?
Emotion is limited by neither language nor culture. Miracle productions have Latino roots. But they branch into every corner of human experience, exploring age-old themes and modern dilemmas. From Pulitzer Prize-winning playwrights to Drammy award-winning productions, Miracle MainStage goes out of its way to surprise, challenge, engage and push the dramatic envelope. Some performances are in English, others in Spanish, and many are bilingual.

What does a miracle sound like?
The rhythm of a Latin drum. The tentative voice of a teenager reading a poem she has written. Miracles can be heard regularly through Community Artes, a groundbreaking venture of the Miracle Theatre Group that reaches beyond traditional theatre to explore a variety of Latino art forms, including dance, music, drama and poetry in a variety of workshops and classes for the company and the community.
Can everyone see a miracle?
Look far beyond the near horizon. There you’ll find the true reach of a miracle. As the bilingual international touring theatre company of the Miracle Theatre Group, Teatro Milagro works to craft global issues into cutting edge dramatic plays—plays infused, of course, with Latino culture, Spanish language and original music. Teatro Milagro’s mission is to share the diversity of Latin America and advocate for global unity through theatre.

The Miracle Theatre Group is a proud member of
Theatre Communications Group • National New Play Network
National Alliance of Latino Arts & Culture
Coalition of Communities of Color •
Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce
Business for Culture and the Arts • Central Eastside Industrial Council

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